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GNG aims to improve the environment and protect it by addressing numerous challenges and by realizing the potential of natural organic materials. Led by entrepreneur Rafael Dvir, GNG specializes in sustainability, recycling and in developing unique food products for people and livestock.

Protecting the environment,
and improving it!









About GNG

GNG was established in 2010 with the objective of improving the quality of life by developing sustainable organic products. Since almost every organic material is a resource that can be reused, GNG strives to maintain a cleaner environment, to produce energy from waste and thereby saving money for its customers. The company then branched out to develop unique products for the food and cosmetics industries, based on sustainability.

We are considered a leader in the world of general recycling, trade in raw materials, and the recycling of various organic waste such as: sludge, oils and fats. The company operates under the strict principles of uncompromising quality and reliability, according to SMETA standards.

Today GNG is engaged in the development of innovative products that help mankind and the environment by teaming up with experienced food technologists and biotechnologists to produce the next generation of healthier lifestyle products.

Rafael Dvir, CEO

Rafael Dvir holds a BA in Business Administration. After graduation he joined a friend in a venture for recycling used vegetable oil for biodiesel and later for animal feed. This successful first venture helped chart his path for the future, leading him to choose to become an entrepreneur in business projects which improve quality of life.

His next venture was to manage a company that recycled the waste from several major factories including two of Israel's largest food groups - Nestlé Israel and Sugat. Working with Sugat, he developed a component for feeding poultry from sludge, which reduced the fracturing in eggs. This discovery was a great breakthrough for poultry breeders.

Following his ongoing achievements, Rafael Dvir was contracted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection to find a solution for various agricultural waste. One such effort was to develop feed for calves from palm branches, which contained essential nutritional values.

After years of developing advanced solutions for animal feed, Rafael Dvir began focusing on research and development of raw materials with health values for humans, for international markets.

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